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It's All About the Details

 Joe DiVita’s musical roots can be traced back to the age of 4, when he would improvise on his family’s Wurlitzer organ and small accordion, following his father’s musical lead playing show tunes and Polkas. ​After years of study with local teachers and a performance degree from The University of the Arts, he has been entertaining audiences and supporting musicians all over the US as a band leader, vocalist and rhythm section sideman in a variety of settings. ​

DiVita is a skilled percussionist on drum set, marimba, vibraphone, steel drums and hand drums for all styles of music from Latin Jazz to Metal. He holds a Master of Music in Music Technology, is a member of ASCAP and has extensive experience in electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars and voice in a wide variety of genres.  In addition to his eponymous group, he also leads traditional Italian ensemble “Gruppo Nostra”, featuring his father on accordion. The group has amassed over 10 million YouTube plays as of 2022.

Growing up with a strong curiosity for tech and gadgetry, he coincidentally developed a supplemental skill set in electronics, telecommunications, computers and audio recording. Through years of tinkering, study and work under production mentors, he has developed a diverse proficiency as an audio technician and production specialist.  He is also an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, a licensed airplane pilot as well as an FAA ground Instructor with an advanced rating.

In addition to his performance expertise, he is also a very experienced educator, with over 20 years of experience guiding young musicians in their development on many instruments, songwriting, arranging and music business. He has been working as adjunct faculty member at Drexel University since 2014 and several community colleges.

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