In addition to performing and recording solo,
Joe is currently performing with the following acts:

(clicking on names will link to corresponding websites)




Andrew Lipke and the Prospects - Bass/vocals/aux percussion since 2006

Gruppo Nostra - Acoustic guitar/Vocal


Beautiful Dreamer (Beach Boys Tribute Group)

Get The Led Out (Led Zeppelin Tribute Group - regular sub)

Maci Miller Quartet - Drums

Live wire band - Regular rhythm section alternate/utility (Drums/bass/guitar/vocals)

The Wayside Shakeup - studio drums and bass

Pan Fried Steel trio​

Selected past projects:


The FE Band
Modern day atlas
Jenn Stang band
Sunset Gardener and the Space Pirates
Skinny's Inn
Newfair flik
All about me band
Rob Tomlinson
Trinidad North
Shavita duo
Siesta Key All-Stars